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Say Goodbye to Pill Bottles

Save time and reduce your daily stress by moving away from confusing medication management caused by cupboards filled with pill bottles.

We deliver your medications directly to your doorstep each month at no additional cost. You only pay your copays.

Simplify Your Treatment

We understand the daily struggles of taking the right medication at the right time when trying to manage multiple medications in pill bottles.

There's an easier way.

  • Labeled & Sorted

    Your medication is delivered each month in easy-to-open packets sorted by dose.

  • Never Miss a Dose Again

    Following your doctor’s treatment plan shouldn’t be a chore, and now it isn’t.

  • FREE Delivery

    We send your medications along with your pharmacy items, all for no additional cost. You only pay your copays!

The Right Dose at the Right Time,
Every Time.

AccuPac® is a service that makes it easier for you
to take your medication at home or on the go.

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We Transfer
Your Prescriptions

We Include Your
OTCs and Vitamins

Free Shipping to
Your Home Every Month

More Time, Less Worrying

A healthcare professional created your treatment plan, it’s time that a healthcare professional helps you manage it.

Take Back Your Day
from the Pill Bottle Army

Your pill bottles are working against you. They make managing multiple medications complicated and confusing. That stops now with AccuPac®.

Learn How We Fight Back

Feel Confident You’re
Following Your Treatment

Never miss a dose with AccuPac® and feel confident that you’re taking the right dose, at the right time, every time.

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Learn how AccuPac® can help you
manage your medication with ease.