Easier Medication Management with Prepackaged Pill Packets by AccuPac
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Pill Bottles are
Your Worst Enemy

One or two pill bottles aren’t a threat but when you’re managing multiple medications, you’re up against the Pill Bottle Army every day. They make keeping track of when to take medications, which medications to take, and how much to take at once a battle.

It’s time to fight back.

A Pill Bottle's Greatest Weapons:
Confusion and Stress

Daily Confusion

They make remembering to take the right dose at the right time a challenge.

Daily Time Drain

You spend valuable time each day organizing your pill containers and tracking which medication you’ve taken.

Recovery Delay

Missing doses or incorrectly taking medications can put your health and wellness at risk and delay recovery.

The Problems With Pill Containers
Don't Stop There

Poor medication management as a result of your struggles against the Pill Bottle Army can affect your treatment and day-to-day happiness.

  • Multiple trips to
    the pharmacy
  • Sorting and filling
    pill boxes
  • Daily stress wondering
    if you missed a dose

There has to be a better way.

How Our Service is Different

Fight Back With AccuPac®

AccuPac® is the medication management solution provided by pharmacists to ensure your treatment is handled by professionals.

Meet the Hero, AccuPac®

AccuPac® delivers the full pharmacy experience with your convenience in mind.

  • Pre-sorted and Labeled Medications

    Your medication is delivered each month in easy-to-open packets sorted by dose.

  • Fast and Easy Refills

    We contact your doctor to manage your refill requests.

  • No More Pharmacy Trips

    Have all your medications, vitamins, and pharmacy items (inhalers, eye drops, creams and diabetic supplies) delivered monthly..

Feel confident you’re taking the right medication as prescribed by your doctor.

More Confidence + More Free Time = a Better You.

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